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Passion Keys - Steve Ubah - Dating Book Review - by J. Keys (posted to: Shopping and Product Reviews : Book Reviews)
Steve Ubah's, "Passion Keys" is something out of the ordinary when it comes to the dating niche. You have the hyped up, full-of-fluff dating gurus, the passionate, emacipated women who celebrate female-ness then you have Steve Ubah. His approach

Impounded Car Auctions - How to Grab a Bargain! - by Jack De Montfort (posted to: Automotive)
Impounded car auctions are an ideal place to get a cheap car provided you know what to look for.
What many people fail to realize is that car auctions provide individuals with an opportunity to buy cars at a significant

Reasons Why Lenders Are Becoming More Strict About Lending - by Ken Dsouza (posted to: Finance : Credit)
Many Consumers starting to educate themselves on the in and outs of credit reports and scores. In these rather turbulent times for the economy lenders are tightened up there standards of lending money. You now need a higher credit

What is a Widescreen? - by Sturat Mitchel (posted to: Home Improvement : Audio Video)
Widescreen refers to the width of the screen in contrast with its height. This is also known as the aspect ratio. A traditional TV may be rather square in shape, and that is because the width is similar (or

Why Brown's Energy Package Will Leave Many Households and Businesses Out in the Cold - by Emma Churchill (posted to: News and Society : Energy)
Last week, the government announced their heavily anticipated fuel package costing the 'big 6' energy suppliers £910m. The eagerly awaited announcement has been designed in conjunction with the major suppliers and the government as a means of assisting poorer

Tips in Reducing Night Sweats and Insomnia - by Ryan English (posted to: Health and Fitness : Sleep Snoring)
Hormonal changes commonly related to menopause are the most common causes of insomnia and night sweats. Usually, the hypothalamus, which regulates heat in the body, do its job according with the available temperature. Night sweats and insomnia however happen

Midlife Women in the Age of Miracles - Ancient Wisdom - How to Change Your Life - by Dr. Toni LaMotta (posted to: Self Improvement : Attraction)
As a Woman Thinketh

Many years ago, I read an awesome pamphlet called "As a Man Thinketh" - (now, there is actually a version that changes Man to Woman as well) -- In any event, this is one of the

Display Your Contemporary Craft Designs Online - by Maggie Palmer (posted to: Arts and Entertainment)
Art, craft and design are often considered exclusive fields where only those in the know are made members.
And the art world is a market that's difficult to break into. Whilst it's true that the sale of art can pay

Protecting and Using Outdoor Furniture During the Winter Months - by Lynne West (posted to: Home Improvement : Patio Deck)
Are you getting your outdoor furniture ready for the winter? Before you do, consider the option of actually using it. There are options available that allow you to use your deck, porch, garden and patio furniture comfortably during the

Quitting Smoking In A Matter Of Hours Guaranteed - by Kolawole Bisiriyu (posted to: Shopping and Product Reviews : Book Reviews)
Do you know it is possible for you to go to bed as a smoker and wake as a non- smoker? Then I have good news for you.
How do I know that you will quit smoking in a matter

Get Set and Going With the HTC P6500 - by Alana Donna (posted to: Communications)
Among these mobile phone companies, HTC stands at the first position in releasing business-oriented mobile phones in the mobile market. These smart mobile phones from HTC also come with all the multimedia features like video player, digital camera, music

The Many Names of Independent Variables - by Karen Grace-Martin (posted to: Reference and Education)
Statistical models, such as general linear models (linear regression, ANOVA, mixed models) and generalized linear models (logistic, Poisson, proportional hazard regression, etc.) all have the same general form. On the left side of the equation is one or more

Internet IP Address Crisis - by Shuvojit Dasgupta (posted to: Internet and Businesses Online)
A crisis looms large for Internet users around the world as one of the greatest impediments in its smooth functioning is round the corner. Today, the Internet is used by millions of users from many parts of the globe

How to Animate Your Photos With a Free Online Animation Generator - by Kyle Bonro (posted to: Arts and Entertainment : Photography)
Did you ever try to create your own animated GIFs, funny slideshows, avatar? Not yet? Perhaps, this opportunity did not draw your attention before. But actually, it offers no difficulty now. One of the easiest ways to give your

How to Save My Marriage - Do You Know How? - by Carol Bliss (posted to: Relationships : Conflict)
The question of how to save my marriage comes up much more than you might think. With all the stress in the world today both financially and emotionally it's not uncommon that unnecessary strain is put on marriages and

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